IkerDecor is a custom hotel lighting and glass art manufacturer in China. We are designers and makers of custom lighting fixtures and glass art. IkerDecor can bring your ideas to LIGHT and GLASS ART.

Know The Industry

20 Years Of Experience In Lighting Industry

A Universally Unique Custom Manufacturing Firm

Imagine having the ability to produce stunning, fully-realized visionary projects for a fraction of the price you’d pay when working with North American and European companies, without any dip in the quality of your final project.

That’s only a small taste of what you gain by partnering with IkerDecor for your steel, glass, and lighting fabrication needs.

Runaway budgets and projects that simply seem impossible are a thing of the past.You can put them behind you forever and greet a brand new future where you NEVER have to compromise – thanks to IkerDecor. Here’s why we can offer you this exclusive experience.

Custom Chandelier Process

With our luminaire design experience, our understanding of the related materials and our knowledge of lighting manufacture, we offer bespoke  chandeliers and other light fixtures of the highest quality

Step 1: Concept Design

Understanding designer and customer needs, coordination of expectations

Step 2: Shop Drawing

With proposals in mind, we’ll develop the perfect plan for your needs

Step 3: 3D plans

After the plan as been approved, 3D models will be made to ensure it is perfect

Step 4: Fabrication

The creation and manufacturing process of your chandelier happens in this stage

Step 5: Shipping

Packing, instruction manual creation and shipping

Step 6: Installation

If necessary, we have a team on stand-by for installations around the world.

A Completely YOU-Centered Strategy

Our consulting sales team, engineering department, and copious amounts of after-sale service ensure you NEVER feel left out of the communication loop – or have any problems installing the pieces we manufacture for you.

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